Our Tribe

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with cries of “me too!” be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.

Olivia Besanger

Olivia is a certified Personal Training Specialist with canfitpro as well as a PRO Trainer with canfitpro. Other certifications include : Certified Life Coach with Canadian Coaches Federation, FMS Level 1, CFES group instructor, Strive Level 1 Powerlifting, Precision Nutrition level 1. She has also taken a multitude of courses to ensure that her clients are receiving the highest quality attention and service during their sessions. Having worked with well over one-hundred clients through one-on-one, semi-private and bootcamp workouts, Olivia prides herself in being able to truly connect with people to determine what they need not only physically in their sessions but emotionally as well.
When not working with clients, this lady loves being on her road bike, running, lifting heavy things and wine. She has completed several fondos, half-marathons and most recently a Spartan Beast. You can find out more at her page Olivia Besanger Personal Training.

Ashley Sudsbear

Ashley is a true go getter. Born and raised in Cranbrook, fitness has been a huge part of her life and journey thus far. Her workouts are her meditation, her happy place. Ashley has trained herself for over ten years dabbling in body building, powerlifting and most recently strongman. Ashley completed her Fire Rescue training, which also involved heavy physical training. Ashley recently took up her favourite all-time activity - running! She completed her first half-marathon this past October in Kelowna.
Ashley comes across shy at first but has a truly genuine heart and passion for helping others. She has connected with many by sharing her own struggles. A canfitpro Personal Training Specialist, she now shares her passion and love for lifting and fitness with her clients. Ashley has a true knack for challenging people and showing them their true strength that they hold within along with a sprinkle of fun! You can follow more along with Ashley at her page - Fit with Nelligan.

Angela Gordon

Angela's can-do attitude and competitive drive come from an early competitive sport career when she represented Saskatchewan multiple times at the Canadian National Curling Championships and also represented Canada on the world stage. She has travelled the country and world to compete at a high level and took home a silver medal in a loss to Scotland at the World Championships. Angela obtained the award of All-Star Team based on her athletic performance at the championships. Throughout Angela's curling career, she worked year round with sports psychologists, nutritionists and personal trainers to gain a competitive advantage and vie for an Olympic berth.
Angela's passion for fitness was reignited in recent years while training with a personal trainer and recently obtained her canfitpro personal trainer certification. She is eager to share her passion for movement and empower others to feel fit and strong. You can find out more about Angela at her page - Summit Fitness and Wellness.

Alia Opperman

Alia is a girl who goes after goals and does not look back. Active from an early age, Alia now shares her passion for movement with her children and clients. Mother to preschool-aged twins, she has worked hard to make big life changes. Changes that have allowed her to return to the activities she loves most. Activities like working out, kickboxing, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Alia finds peace in nature and now exposes her children to outdoor activity all year round.  

Alia has taken on a multitude of education in a short period. She is a certified canfitpro Personal Training Specialist and has completed the Eat, Lift, Thrive program. She has also completed; canfitpro Active Aging Certification, BCRPA ActivAge Certification, canfitpro Children’s Fitness Coach Certification, and she is currently working towards completing her Precision Nutrition Level 1 coaching certification. Alia has a passion for helping others. It is her goal to help people lead healthier lifestyles through movement and behavior, connecting fitness to not only physical health benefits but mental health benefits as well. You can find out more about Alia at her page – Healthy Horizons with Alia.


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